• Prieur Leary’s IT Experience Sets Him Apart

  • Posted on April 24, 2018
  • While some may disregard it out of hand, it seems that Prieur Leary’s current concerns regarding the security of information technology (IT) systems simply reflects the reality of the times. It certainly seems to mirror the current state of information technology all over the world. If information technology is to have a future, the hacking problem must be addressed successfully, of course, but Prieur Leary likes to point out that outside forces are not the only problem companies and IT systems have to deal with.

    Of course, if the hacking problem is not dealt with and if it’s not eliminated to a sufficient degree, the attendant risks could make the current openness of the online world a relic of the past. Of course, because of his experience, Prieur Leary understands that the greatest security problems are not necessarily due to the machines and devices used, but the people who are involved in these systems at every level. Training and sufficient safeguards should always be in place to cover that problem. That is Prieur Leary’s focus. Make the internal problems go away and IT people can switch its focus to hacking.

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